Recognize Them, Reward Them and Engage Them

Keeping your staff motivated and performing at their peak can be tough. Award programs give companies an easy way to promote, encourage, and reward team productivity and recognize employee achievements. Remember, a happy staff leads to a satisfied customer base.

Quality merchandise awards have high perceived value and give provide tangible evidence of achievement. When compared to financial rewards, merchandise rewards have far more “memory value.”

PCi can help you offer a customized reward catalog of awards and gifts employees can purchase with banked points awarded based on performance criteria you have established. Or give desk awards, wall plaques, or an unique award to an individual that will convey the proper level of appreciation.

There are endless creative ways to provide awards and recognition with branded promotional products. PCi will create and manage a seamless awards program so you can focus on hitting milestones.

Some of the reasons we give awards:

  • Years of Service
  • High Productivity
  • Meeting Sales Goals
  • Excellence in Safety
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