Branded Apparel Trends

What goes around comes around in fashion – and branded apparel trends in the promotional products industry are no different. This year retro and vintage pieces appeared on the catwalk, along with heritage tees, color-blocked polos, denim and flannel wovens. These trends are stepping from the catwalk to corporate apparel catalogs across the country.

We’ve sorted through the noise to bring you…

Branded Golf Accessories Build Business

The official spring thaw may have just started but for golfers this is the beginning of the best time of year. Whether it’s a corporate golf event, client outing, or friendly game with buddies, branded golf accessories can benefit your brand and business.

There are many reasons to host corporate golf events for your clients:

It provides an opportunity to spend valuable time…

Full Spectrum Promotional Branding Services

Your brand is the perception your clients or employees have about your company, products, and services.  You know how you want people to perceive it.

Finding the right partner to align your brand with your mission, from sourcing the right merchandise solution to managing the fulfillment process, is no picnic.

Small promo shops often are not equipped to handle the client load, while big…

All-Star Teams Deliver Championship Programs

We know it’s hard to find time to plan a branded merchandising program – much less make sure you have the right players on the team to execute it.

Within your organization, graphic design and art departments are already supporting internal projects. Purchasing doesn’t have experience with sourcing and negotiating unique, personal promotional products. IT is focused on development and web…

Perfectly Sized to Fit Your Brand

Small promo shops promise service and selection – but often they’re not equipped to handle the client load, leaving you hanging when you need help.

Big promo firms promise a cheap price – but often the unintended costs add up. You need help and voicemails aren’t returned, emails sit out in nowhere land, calls are transferred. When you do finally get ahold of someone you have to explain…

Ins and Outs of High Quality Promotional Products

Search “promotional products” or “tradeshow giveaways” on the web and you’ll get back thousands of hits.  We know, we’ve done it. We also know you can’t trust what you find.

Cheap products are just that – cheap. The quality is bad, the printing is inconsistent, delivery can be a nightmare and support from ordering through fulfillment is non-existent.

Owners of promotional products…

Maximize Your Impact with Branded Merchandise

Can you control what others think?

Perception is the way one thinks about or understands something. A brand is not a physical thing – it is the perception your client or employee has about your company, products, services and other elements of your organization. So can you really control your brand?

Social media, print advertising, industry reports, television and radio can bombard an…