Reasons to Recognize

Recognition award programs help foster engagement, increase productivity, and reduce tension in the workplace. Leading a team can often be a challenging task let alone ensuring all staff are engaged, but recognition awards can do just that.

We’ve put together the 7 Spectacular Reasons to Celebrate Employee Achievements!

1. Increase productivity
When employees are recognized for great work they tend to repeat the…

Recognize the Unexpected

All companies have reasons to celebrate and employees to recognize at the end of the year. There are many reasons to give employee recognition awards including increased morale, employee retention, team loyalty and more. Check out our 7 Spectacular Reasons to Celebrate Employee Achievements.

While typical employee recognition programs award high sales or exceeding company goals, this often means only certain…

Safety Heroes

Every company has them – Safety Heroes, we’ve all heard about them.

The guy that always follows safety protocol.

The legend that hasn’t had an injury in 5 years.

The team that doesn’t cut corners to get something done faster; they do it right and they do it safely.

They get it.

Safety Heroes know on-the-job injuries and accidents lead to costly downtime and decreased revenues.…