Full Spectrum Promotional Branding Services

Your brand is the perception your clients or employees have about your company, products, and services.  You know how you want people to perceive it.

Finding the right partner to align your brand with your mission, from sourcing the right merchandise solution to managing the fulfillment process, is no picnic.

Small promo shops often are not equipped to handle the client load, while big or online companies often cannot provide the detailed level of service that you need.

At PCi we offer the full spectrum of promotional branding services to take your brand from an idea to a lasting impression.

  • We help create the perceptions you want,
  • We make the seemingly impossible happen . . . seamlessly,
  • We know the ins and outs of sourcing quality goods affordably to best represent your brand,
  • We are perfectly mid-sized to fit your brand,
  • We have the internal resources needed to execute your winning merchandising program.

Who are we?

At PCi we bring our clients perfectly-executed promotional branding services that enhance their internal and external brands.

How can we help?

We can help you design and implement comprehensive programs to ensure visibility and consistency in your brand merchandise, apparel and uniform programs, graphic design and online stores. In addition, our fulfillment services can handle inventory management, client-specific storage and delivery-on-demand.

We work with you to find the unique answer to your branded merchandise needs. We get to know your strategy, your culture, you. We utilize our PeerNet partnerships to:

  • source exclusive merchandise,
  • ensure product safety and quality,
  • offer world class practices, pricing and delivery.

We’ve spent more than 30 years partnering with companies to maximize the impact of merchandise for their brand and to help them increase revenue.

Contact Us to find out how we can help you extend your brand through a holistic marketing approach.