Safety Heroes

Every company has them – Safety Heroes, we’ve all heard about them.

The guy that always follows safety protocol.

The legend that hasn’t had an injury in 5 years.

The team that doesn’t cut corners to get something done faster; they do it right and they do it safely.

They get it.

Safety Heroes know on-the-job injuries and accidents lead to costly downtime and decreased revenues. They work with safety on their mind because they know keeping the team working keeps the company working and ensures you can invest back in them and the organization.

Safety awards programs, recognition and incentives help employees see their efforts are appreciated, keep the team engaged, set a standard to proactively work the safety program and save companies money.

PCi can work with you to recognize safety milestones or individuals and teams who work safely. We can help you build the safety awards programs, recognition or incentive program that fits your company culture – from awards like plaques and gifts, to digital storefronts where your employees can shop for the perfect award of their choice.

We bring you a seamless solution.

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