All-Star Teams Deliver Championship Programs

No time or resources for your branded merchandising program? We know it’s hard to find time to plan a program much less make sure you have the right players on the team to execute it.

Within your organization, graphic design and art departments are already supporting internal projects. Purchasing doesn’t have experience with sourcing and negotiating unique, personal promotional products. IT is focused on development and web updates, not worried about building internal stores for recognition programs.

On our All-Star team, this is all we do! We have the internal resources needed to execute a winning branded merchandising program.

Who are we?

At Promotional Consultants (PCi) we bring our clients perfectly-executed branded merchandising programs that enhance their internal and external brands.

How can we help?

We talk a lot about being perfectly sized to fit your brand and making the impossible possible. What does this mean for you?

• Our top-tier graphic designers, purchasing teams and program support crew work as an extension of your own staff.
• We get to know your strategy, your culture, you.
• We’re nimble and have the flexibility to customize what you need to help solve your branding challenges.
• We’re able to bring you the behind-the-scenes resources you need to cost-effectively execute a flawless program.
• Our partnership with PeerNet lets us utilize collective buying power and global manufacturing partnerships to save you money.

At PCI we have more than 30 years of experience in bringing our clients products and solutions that meet strict quality standards while staying within budget. We provide only the best in brand name merchandise and apparel to ensure visibility and consistency in your branding. Online stores make ordering easy, simplify inventory management, provide a consistent look and feel for all items and help ensure you’re getting more than what you paid for.

We take care of executing your branded merchandise programs so you and your team can focus on your other important plays.

Contact Us today to see how can help you hit a home run for your brand!