What’s In Your Marketing Toolbox?

What is in your marketing toolbox matters! Did you know that branded promotional products give you the most bang for your buck?

People like receiving promotional products.

  • 8 in 10 like receiving promotional products
  • 7 in 10 wish they received promotional products more often
  • 96% want to know ahead of time when companies offer promotional products (and are even willing to go out of their way to get it)

Promotional products have the highest number of consumers who remember the brand (consumer recall) compared to other advertising platforms. Consumer metrics show 9 in 10 people recall brands from promotional products! This number far exceeds the number of consumers who remember specific advertisers when using these types of media:

  • Broadcast – 3 in 10 people
  • Online – 2 in 10 people
  • Print – 2 in 10 people
  • Mobile – 2 in 10 people

Not only is there substantial brand recall, 83% are more likely to do business with the brand after receiving a promotional product.

Promotional products are long lasting. The majority of people (41%) keep branded products 1 to 5 years. Twenty two percent (22%) have those products around for 6-10 years. And, believe it or not, 18% have had those promotional products for 11+ years! But don’t think that the promotional product is wasted when it’s not kept. A whopping 79% pass along promotional products that are no longer valuable. That is a lot of impressions!

marketing toolbox blueprint

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*Updated 2020 March 30*

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