Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is one of the cornerstones of the PCi company culture.  It guides our decisions, policies, procedures and growth. As a result, we are a market leader in the areas of product safety, regulatory compliance, and quality assurance.

We strive to be an innovative and reliable supplier of custom promotional products- programs, employee incentives, business gifts, and more.   In the same way, we work with companies to help them protect their brands and to mitigate legal and financial risks that can result from using unsafe products.

PCi Corporate Social Responsibility Principles:

  • Our concern for product safety is reflected in our sourcing standards for the merchandise we sell.
  • Our dedicated staff monitors changes in safety regulations in order to keep our clients’ brands protected.
  • The PCi Pricing Promise means we provide fair, transparent pricing to our clients that reflects the true value of the services we deliver.
  • PCi supports our local communities through corporate and personal charitable giving and volunteerism.
  • We value environmental sustainability and have put policies in place to minimize our environmental footprint.
  • At PCi, we ensure that our internal team remains engaged and empowered through fun team activities, wellness programs, and continued learning opportunities.

For 35 years we have worked to be a partner that you can trust with your brand. We will continue to work to exceed your expectations and make you look good.

We are happy to share with you this Corporate Social Responsibility Report, which defines how we’re working to protect and build our community.

Download the report here.