Custom Packaging Design Like A Pro

At PCi we help our clients showcase their brand with high-impact custom packaging design to strengthen brand recognition. Adding custom packaging design offers a retail look to your promotional product and creates a higher perceived value.

Check out our 7 Considerations For Custom Packaging Design to give your brand the boost it deserves:Custom packaging design example

  1. Does it stand out?

    There are a lot of products out there. And there are likely a lot of products similar to your products. Make sure your design stands out on the shelf (or wherever it’s being sold) among surroundings.

  2. Who’s the buyer?

    Is the target market male? Female? Do they tend to be into sports, art, music, all of the above?  The design should appeal to your buyer.

  3. Is it press friendly?

    Think about it. Publicity is one of the number one marketing tools around. Having packaging that photographs well and is appealing to online and print editors can be a critical factor in a product getting the press it deserves.

  4. Does it meet legal requirements?

    A product’s packaging should inform the buyer of what’s inside.

  5. Does it include instructions?

    If a product requires assembly, this should be reflected on the package so recipient knows that it’s user friendly.custom packaging design example

  6. Does it protect the contents? Physical construction is super important because, of course, customers want their product to be protected
  7. Does it reflect your brand?

    As far as custom packaging design is concerned, this is probably the most critical when it comes to the long term success of a business. Packaging should reflect the spirit of the brand so it should contain key things like the company logo, company colors, etc.

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At PCi we’ll partner with you to answer these questions and find the perfect product, and the perfect way to package it. Contact us today!