Perfectly Sized to Fit Your Brand

It is not easy to find a perfectly sized company that is the right fit to provide branded merchandise solutions.

Small promo shops promise service and selection – but often they’re not equipped to handle the client load, leaving you hanging when you need help.

Big promo firms promise a cheap price – but often the unintended costs add up. You need help and voicemails aren’t returned, emails sit out in nowhere land, calls are transferred. When you do finally get ahold of someone you have to explain who you are and what the problem is. No one knows you, your project or your needs.

PCi is perfectly mid-sized to fit your brand. We’re nimble and have the flexibility to customize what you need to provide the right branded merchandise solution. Yet we’re able to bring you the behind-the-scenes resources you expect with the Big Guys. Plus, you will always personally know who is on the phone with you.

Who are we?

At PCi we bring our clients perfectly-executed branded merchandise solutions that enhance their internal and external brands.

How can we help?

We work with you to find the unique answer to your branding needs. We get to know your strategy, your culture, you. Most importantly – we respond!

Then we tap into our partnership with PeerNet, an alliance of leading promotional products and marketing companies with locations across North America. Our collective buying power and global manufacturing partner relationships enable us to:

  • source exclusive merchandise
  • ensure product safety and quality
  • offer competitive pricing and delivery that rivals or beats our larger competitors.

Having this partnership back our local team allows us to bring you products and solutions that meet strict quality standards while staying within budget. We provide only the best in brand name merchandise and apparel to ensure visibility and consistency in your branding. Online stores make ordering easy, simplify inventory management, provide a consistent look and feel for all items and help ensure you’re getting more than what you paid for.

We bring you the large-scale solution you’re looking for without sacrificing personalized service and support.

Contact Us today to see how we fit your brand.