Recognition Award Programs – Reasons to Recognize

Leading a team can often be a challenging task let alone ensuring all staff are engaged.  But recognition award programs can do just that!  We have put together a list of 7 spectacular reasons to celebrate employee achievement through recognition award programs.

Increase productivity

When employees are recognized for great work, they tend to repeat the behavior and work harder which leads to increased productivity.

Happy Workplace

Happy employees = happy workplace. When employers recognize an employees’ work ethic and appreciate the small things and the big achievements, the employee feels a sense of pride – not just in themselves but in also working for that business.  These meaningful connections create the magic that leads to a happy workplace.

Empowered Employees

recognition award programs plaqueEmployee recognition improves employee engagement.  Recognizing an employee’s efforts and appreciating their abilities builds an essential bond between the manager and the employee. This bond is paramount to promoting a healthy workplace where employees feel comfortable speaking to their managers and empowered in their work.

Grow Great Team Members

Recognition award programs not only benefit employees but management as well. These programs help identify workplace stars and allows management to move them up through the ranks.


Employee recognition is one of the fastest paths to employee retention and loyalty.   People who regularly feel that their best work is ignored are twice as likely to say they’ll quit in the next year.  A simple thank you or a celebration of an employee’s achievement is all it takes.  In turn, this will benefit your company’s retention rates, lowering your training and recruitment costs.

Engage your Team

Recognition award programs make employees happier, and engages them in their work.  In other words, we work harder to achieve a goal when an incentive is in place.

Bliss Out

Spending a little more time recognizing employees helps the overall feeling of the workplace relax and puts a sense of calm in the air. Welcome to workplace bliss!  Here employees feel wanted, they’re productive, and camaraderie is fostered eliminating workplace tension.  In short, your staff will bliss out!

Now is the perfect time to plan your recognition program and create your staff bliss. Let us know how you recognize your team.  We’ll help you build the program and the awards to make it meaningful.