Brand Tile with your logo and give the gift of a helping hand!

Where did I leave my keys? Where did I lose my phone now? Has anyone seen the dog?

How often are you asking yourself these questions?

We can put an end to the search.

What is Tile?:

Tile is a helpful, easy way to find anything. From the stuff you lose all the time. To the things you couldn’t live without.

Whatever it is, Tile helps you find it quickly.

PCi is excited to be the exclusive carrier of Tile in the promotional products industry. We want to make sure you hang on to what is important to you!

How Tile works:

Tile helps people find things. It is a small accessory that connects your keys and other objects to an app on your phone or smart device. When an item is attached to a Tile, you can find it by seeing its last known location or playing Tile’s distinctive melody via the app. In addition, other people with the Tile app can anonymously report the location of lost items to which Tiles are attached.


• Amazing Brand Opportunity: Attach your logo on whatever your customers hold dearest. The impression levels are extraordinary.

The app supports up to 8 Tiles for iOS devices and 4-6 Tiles on Android devices.

• Range: Bluetooth range is 100 ft.

• Community Find: If any Tile community member running the app comes in range of a Tile, their app will send an anonymous update of that Tile’s location to our system, helping the owner locate that item even if they are not nearby.

• Shared Access: Others can find your Tiles too using the app on their phone. Great for families that share keys and remote controls or for finding the family cat.

• Water-resistant: A spilled drink or a rainy day won’t pose a problem.

• Compatibility: iOS 7 & 8 (iPhone 4S and later, 3rd generation iPad, 5th generation iPod Touch and iPad mini). Android 4.4+ and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.0) (Optimized for the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One, HTC One M8, LG Nexus 4, LG Nexus 5 Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Nexus 4, Nexus 5, and HTC One.) Support for more Android devices is in development.

• Minimal design: Easy to attach to anything.

• Durable: Tiles are designed to withstand whatever the world throws at them.

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