Maximize Your Impact with Branded Merchandise

Maximize your marketing dollars with branded merchandise to align and boost your brand! Take back control of your brand.

Can you control what others think?

Perception is the way one thinks about or understands something. A brand is not a physical thing – it is the perception your client or employee has about your company, products, services and other elements of your organization. So can you really control your brand?

Social media, print advertising, industry reports, television and radio can bombard an audience. Companies often push brand messaging through these channels, but did you know brand recall is significantly higher with promotional products?

What Can Perfectly Aligned Branded Merchandise Do For You?


If you are providing your employees with a logo shirt, do you want it to make them feel good? Is it soft, does it resist wrinkles, does it have a brand name that makes them feel valuable to you as a company, will the color last a long time, does it change shape after the first washing? The shirt has a life – and creates perception or brand alignment – every time it is seen or worn by someone. Where your logo shows up, and how it is used helps clients, prospects, employees and the general public form their perceptions of a corporate brand.


Most forms of advertising are short bursts of information (like a TV spot or social media post). Smartly selected branded merchandise lives for a long time. Your audience will see your logo over-and-over. Repetitive visibility means recall of your brand.


When you select something to represent your brand and give it to someone to elicit thought by the recipient, you are offering a gesture of goodwill. Almost everyone loves to receive a gift or promotional giveaway – something to consider when making your branded merchandise selection.

Who are we?

We make our clients look good by providing perfectly-executed branded merchandise solutions that enhance their external and internal brands. We help create perceptions in the recipient’s minds.

How can we help?

PCi can help you take advantage of marketing outlets that are often overlooked as driving value, but provide significant impact.

Team members and clients wearing logo apparel at work, in client meetings and outside of the office can help spread visibility of your brand. We can help you design and implement a comprehensive apparel and uniform program to ensure visibility and consistency in your branding. Online stores make ordering easy, simplify inventory management, provide a consistent look and feel for all items and help ensure you’re only paying for what you need.

Did you know owners of promotional products recall the advertiser 86% of the time in the U.S.?

Logo promotional products and apparel are key to a brand marketing plan – no matter what the reason. However, companies often feel overwhelmed in choosing the right product and confusion about order minimums, artwork specifications and shipping can lead to over-spending and missed deadlines. Many times these programs are abandoned all-together.

Our in-depth programs around employee engagement, safety programs and event support can extend your brand through a holistic marketing approach.

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