Oh The Places You’ll Go – Journey Packages

Ready to launch your graduates on to their next adventure? You can support them on their journey with our unique customizable Journey Packages.

The Importance Of Graduation

Graduation is an important moment in the life of a person. It is a passage from one stage in life to another.

The graduation ceremony is the closest thing most Americans have to a rite of passage into adulthood. Rites of passage “exist in order to consolidate social ties, establish roles, and give members of a group a sense of purpose and placement” (van Gennep). A sense of belonging is a human need, like food, water and shelter. Feeling that you have a place and have connections, is what helps us see value in life. It is necessary to help us find purpose and cope with intensely painful emotions.

It is a statement that we are moving from youthful exploring to adult responsibilities. For this reason, it should be celebrated!

In a world where every one seems to be doing the same thing, when we are one in a class of hundreds, it is important to remind students that each of them has done an incredible work. It is crucial to sometimes feel important.

Now more than ever, we need to communicate, “Well done. Welcome to what comes next”. You’ve earned this right to transition to the next phase. (Cue tassel flip.)

But what happens when those graduation ceremonies are gone?

There is no question that we are all feeling some painful emotions during this pandemic. Sadness, disappointment, and anger over our losses. All those plans both big and small that have been postponed or simply cancelled, the ache to be near a loved one (or anyone for that matter), and the loss of connection can feel overwhelming.

Students are feeling this too. The opportunity to have closure, say their farewells, gone. The culmination of their hard work, that pinnacle moment – their graduation ceremony- gone.

What’s next? How to honor our seniors

There are some things that we simply cannot change, but within every challenge there lies an opportunity to find a solution and take action.

The journey package is designed to help you prepare your students for their new journeys and give them a sense of belonging and encouragement as they transition.

The journey of 1000 miles begins with one step.

Journey Packages – Tools for Safety, Comfort, and Wellness

While they may not yet know their destination, there are things that can help them as they start their journeys.


Safety is a priority. If ever there was a time that is apparent, it is now. Equip your students with safety.

Tech, Wellness and Comfort

Launching students into their next phase of life is important. The items you choose can communicate your acknowledgement of this importance. Whether that is a tech item (battery pack, charging card, flash drive), a wellness item (stress ball, resistance band, cup) or a comfort item (blanket, journal, pen) it will have a lasting impact long after the product is not used.

The Class of 2020 should be able to experience as much of the joy of graduation as possible, even under current circumstances. Gift your students with a sense of belonging and importance. Contact us today to get your custom Journey Package.

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