Protecting What’s Important

We are in uncharted territory.  Our personal and professional lives have been disrupted. Uncertainty lies ahead. It can feel out of control, but we can do things to protect what’s important.

Protecting Our Employees

Our employees are the backbone of our organization.  Ensuring that they are healthy, engaged and empowered is critical.  Due to the recent world pandemic, we have implemented a temporary work program. Our new work protocols minimize potential virus exposure to our employees, suppliers and clients while ensuring that your branding remains in the forefront.  

While we must be flexible in this rapidly changing environment, our current program involves:

  • Postponement of all face to face, close quarter meetings and company functions until further notice
  • Locking all doors-  Only employees may enter facilities
  • Performing proper regular sanitation of all equipment and spaces as well as frequent hand washing per CDC recommendations
  • Limiting employee count in each facility through a coordinated remote work schedule 
  • Maintaining proper physical space at all times (social distancing)

Protecting Your Brand

We understand your fears and concerns. Just as we are trying to wrap our arms around immediate challenges and look towards the future (how to best utilize resources for the greatest impact), we know you are doing the same.

Since our start in 1982, we have seen a lot of ups and downs.  We know that times of unease can have a great impact on the economy.  Many companies will experience a slow down in revenue. Tough decisions may need to be made to cover fixed expenses. During such lean times, marketing activities and budgets are often among the first to be reduced.  However, a continued effort in this area will positively impact future perceptions.  According to Field and Binet’s study on marketing effectiveness, while cutting back on marketing may produce short term benefits, your brand is “certain to be weaker and less profitable” after the down turn.  When branding isn’t as visible, companies can unintentionally communicate a lack of empathy or worse, be forgotten. Your brand message to your employees (internal brand) and to the outside world (external brand) are equally important.  Protecting your brand is critical.

Now is the time to make meaningful connections.  

We appreciate your continued trust in us.  Rest assured we remain committed to our corporate social responsibility. We are dedicated to protecting your brand -helping you look good.