Employee Recognition Programs – Recognize the Unexpected

Employee recognition programs work!  They benefit employees and the company. These programs increase morale, employee retention, team loyalty and more.  

Typical employee recognition programs award high sales or exceeding company goals.  This often means only certain departments or employees have an opportunity to participate. As you plan your employee recognition programs, we encourage you to look beyond traditional standards to recognize individuals for unexpected reasons. 

All companies have reasons to celebrate employees!  Check out our top list of

Out of the Box Recognition Ideas!

Covering for Vacations

When someone is out of the office, other employees have more work. That is because covering your own job and someone else’s job is not easy.  As a result, there is twice as much correspondence and responsibilities. Recognize that extra effort!

Working Extra Shifts

When organizations are stretched and short staffed, employees who volunteer for extra shifts should be rewarded.  Simple employee recognition awards and thanks reduce burn out.

Assisting on a Project

How often do you start a project only to realize there is no way to meet a deadline without help? When employees volunteer to pitch in, they should be thanked and recognized.  As a result, team members will be more likely to go above and beyond in the future.

Providing Cost Savings

Why not recognize and award employees with ideas that help to reduce costs or make the work place greener?  Employees often have great feedback and ideas that the executive team may not have thought of.

Taking the Lead

When someone steps up and takes charge of a project (goes above and beyond), recognize and reward them. Ambition and proactive behavior should get special recognition awards. Rewarding willingness to complete a project, despite the extra work load, will ensure that the effort was worthwhile and meaningful.

Preventing an Accident

Safety in the workplace is a major concern.  Recognition programs with a safety emphasis encourage employees to point out unsafe conditions, report near misses, propose corrective action and more.  Bottom line, employees can prevent injuries and even fatalities by reporting and eliminating unsafe situations.  

Whether you’re looking to plan some out of the box employee recognition awards or want a more straight forward approach to your program, we have the experience to make your team feel appreciated. Let’s talk about your recognition program!