Showcase Your Brand with Retail Custom Packaging

A great branded gift or promotional merchandise mailer with retail custom packaging can catch a prospect’s attention, reward staff, or reinvigorate a client relationship.

The right gift received in retail custom packaging can:

  • Add significant value to a prospect’s, client’s, or employee’s perception of your brand
  • Enable you to sell more by including a call to action (special offer, rebate, coupon, etc.)
  • Enable you to collect valuable information about your clients and prospects

retail custom packaging wine carrierHigh-impact retail custom packaging strengthens your brand recognition. Your brand is represented by your product packaging the same as your office, employees, website and yourself. Your packaging represents your brand’s promise to deliver a quality experience.

Adding custom packaging offers a retail look to your promotional giveaway and creates a higher perceived value as well. Retail custom packaging allows you to communicate more of your message than just a logo – thereby creating the look and feel of a full advertising campaign.

Recent research shows packaging can have a ripple effect in brand extension as well:

  • 90% of consumers reuse product packaging boxes and bags after purchase
  • Businesses have reported a 30% increase in consumer interest when those businesses show a strong attention to packaging.

Retail custom packaging exampleRetail custom packaging can be used for any project:

  • Special promotions (product launches, merchandise samples, etc.)
  • Gifts/Retail (apparel, accessories, etc.)
  • Presentations (company literature, price sheets, etc.)
  • Health & beauty packaging

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