Impossible is Possible

All programs start out with the best intentions for their branded merchandise. Employee recognition is going to happen each month. Online stores are going to be updated quarterly for team members to order branded merchandise and uniforms. Seasonal event items will be ordered ahead of time to take advantage of advanced purchasing or bulk orders.  But it doesn’t happen.

We get it. You are inundated with emails and meetings. All of a sudden, constantly shifting deadlines and conflicting priorities leave you with a to do list a mile long.  Ultimately, nothing is getting crossed off your list.

Finding time to

  • plan branding programs that align with your mission
  • compare branded merchandise options
  • design artwork
  • manage ordering and fulfillment to make sure you’re hitting deadlines

is next to impossible.

Promotional Consultants (PCi) can make the seemingly impossible happen . . . seamlessly.

How can we help with your branded merchandise?

  • Utilize marketing outlets that are often overlooked as driving value  but provide significant impact
  • Design and implement a comprehensive logo apparel and uniform program to ensure visibility and consistency in your brand merchandise and apparel
  • Create artwork
  • Use unique decoration methods on branded merchandise to make an impression
  • Build and host eCommerce sites that provide a branded storefront for your team and make ordering easy
  • Fulfillment services to handle inventory management, client-specific storage and delivery-on-demand

Who are we?

Client Partnership

From idea generation to delivery, we partner with you to further your brand and stay within your budget.  Don’t worry.  Our transparent approach to brand merchandise is simple and client focused.  We roll up our sleeves and dig into your business challenges.

Creative Answers

Our clients are all unique.  They span industries, locations and sizes.  Because of this, their solutions need to be different – distinct, creative – something that shows we “get” them and their challenges.  For this reason, we find an unique solution for their needs while making their brand look good in the process.

Yes means Yes

When we say “yes” we under-promise and always-deliver. We do the upfront work to get you what you need, when you need it. Our reputation depends on the integrity of our consistency and communication.  When we say “yes,” we make it happen, every time.

Making Connections

You can pick up the phone and talk with a real person. We are accessible at every level of the organization. When you work with our team, you are working with someone that understands your business and knows you.

  • Build technology systems to streamline our client deliverables
  • Train our team on the newest industry safety standards to protect our clients
  • Bring our clients solutions to keep them ahead of their competitors

We are not satisfied with the status quo.

At PCi, we believe strategy and ideation are essential steps to finding the right branded merchandise for your promotional marketing. After we partner with your teams to learn your company, brand, goals, and objectives, we build a strategy for your branded merchandise.

  • Who is the audience you want to reach?
  • What products reflect value and appreciation to that audience?
  • How are we using those products to elevate your brand?

When you partner with PCi, our 30+ years of expertise becomes an extension of your internal teams. We do the competitive research, scour trade shows for the latest products, track trends in the marketplace and bring that knowledge back to your business challenge to find the perfect solution.

From innovation, to development, to actualization, we make sure the solutions we bring you tie back to the strategy, your goals and objectives. And like everything at PCi, our ideation process is transparent about our products, pricing and possibilities. This transparency builds trust with our partners.  In addition, it ensures we are working together towards the same goals and keeping your brand looking good!

At the heart of it, we want to see you succeed.  Whether you need our expertise for a project already underway or you are ready to start something new, email us. Tell us about your impossible.