Together Again – Safeguarding Your Customers & Employees

Things are changing. Once again, we are asking ourselves how do we safeguard our customers and employees.

We have had to answer some tough questions over the last few months. If you are like us, you have been grappling with how to be together while we are apart. How do we stay connected to family and friends? How do you conduct business while apart? What keeps your internal and external brands strong?

I have seen some creative solutions, as I am sure you have. Fortunately, the end of lock down is nearing. Phase two is beginning. Now we start to ask those same questions all over again.

Conducting Business With Restrictions

As schools and businesses begin to reopen, physical distancing measures will remain in place. Vulnerable individuals may still limit their contact with others. Stringent public hygiene measures will be adopted (and continued for those businesses that remained open during phase one).

Protecting Your Customers And Employees

Safeguarding Customers and Employees with Protective Equipment

Phase two ushers in similar challenges essential businesses have already been finding solutions for. Fortunately, we can take a cue from them as to where to begin. Protective equipment such as face masks, barriers, and gloves as well as hand sanitizer and soap is a great place to start.

Other considerations –

  • Give each person a pen (with stylus or an antimicrobial one) to fill out paper work (and keep). One less thing you will need to sanitize!
  • Wear t-shirts to remind people to be aware of their surroundings, to be kind, and to laugh. Have some fun with it.
  • Have t-shirts available for your customers to purchase to show their support. Be creative.
  • Signs – Let your customers know how you are protecting them and what they should do.
  • Play. Have some fun. Create a contest or game with a give away. (People LOVE to get promotional products!)
  • Offer incentives.

Roll Out The Welcome Carpet!

Welcome Employees Back

It has probably been a while since you’ve seen your staff (in person).

If you were fortunate enough to transition to remote offices, you’ve watched as your employees got creative and quickly found ways to designate a working space while navigating new technologies (and distractions). Recognize and celebrate it!

Regardless of what you encountered during phase one, we have all faced challenges. How do we reconnect and grow stronger communities than we had before?

Give some team spirit!

Team Spirit

Take this opportunity to create cohesion and bring encouragement to your team. Invest in your staff.

Even if you do not routinely have a uniform for your employees, now may be a great time to give them apparel (t-shirt, jacket or hat) to showcase your internal brand or a fun message.

Custom apparel can instantly inject your team with a heavy dose of team spirit. When individuals are wearing the same colors, they feel connected. There is a sense of belonging to a group and a feeling that they have something in common with one another. (We are in this together.)

A team is meant to play together, function together, and stand united even in the face of the most difficult situations. When everyone is wearing the same custom t-shirt or uniform, it’s easy for individuals to feel that they are working together towards a common goal. Rather than striving to achieve individual greatness, people who are wearing the apparel with the same logo immediately feel part of something larger than themselves. They are better able to see the bigger picture and strive towards a common team goal.

Gotta Keep ‘Em Separated

Protective Equipment

Phase two is no longer about being together while we are apart. It is about being connected yet separated while we are together. Supply your staff with items to keep them safe.

Beyond the protective equipment (hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, protective barriers), there are other ways to keep your team safe. Give cups or lunch boxes to keep individual’s food and drink separated. Be sure every employee has their own office supplies. Limit face to face interactions as much as possible. Create fun new ways to say, “hey, it’s good to see you”.

Safeguard Your Staff And Your Information

We may unfortunately see another wave hit. Help your employees transition from the work office to the home office with ease (and security).

Work from home

Safeguard your employees and your information with webcam covers, RFID bags, webcams, headsets, and more.

Consider products that not only increase safety but include wellness, team building, and transitioning from work to home smoothly.

We know times are tough. Finding solutions to all those questions can be overwhelming. We can help. Together we roll-up our sleeves to dig into your business challenges. (Because we know that protecting your brand is crucial especially during times of crisis. Ultimately, investing in your brand is always the right thing to do for your business.)

Ready to start? Need more ideas? Have a unique challenge? Contact us!